A new in will probably be applied right in the new 2022. I am amazed by German media who express a public opinion in light of total acceptance and support for these measures. Bullshit and lies! I don't know who buys it but it's quite obvious that people hate it! Where is a border between building a healthy consensus and fucking propaganda that is obviously taking place? All this conspiracy shit is resulting from these lies! Nobody will believe you, bastards! No trust!

Winter is the only real "New Year" for me. Not all this religious, political and cultural shit has been parked around this very objective astronomic event. I was replied on @oleg_ru by @Revertron with an idea to make it a Fediverse New Year which is actually a really cool idea! With no old-fashioned religious rituals and stuff. We can bring something new and fresh to this celebration, something special!

For ten years I've been using my database as a standalone not replicated instance. Only regular backups. When my projects start to bring me real money, I thought it would be a criminal to maintain like this. Finally made a streaming replication which was quite easy with Pg12. Separated data storage for DNS-DLZ as well to avoid the whole architecture crash in case of the database failover. Can sleep well now.


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